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“The building envelope, including the roof, should be inspected at least twice yearly (in the Spring and Fall), and after any severe storms. Record Maintenance procedures as they occur. Log all access times and parties working on the roof.” – Firestone Building Envelope Care and Maintenance Guide

“You must perform regular inspections and maintenance and keep records of this work.” – GAF Everguard Diamond Pledge Roof Guarantee

“Carlisle recommends that your maintenance staff and/or maintenance contractor inspect the roof periodically or at least twice a year. This inspection should concentrate on high risk areas such as roof hatches, drains and around all rooftop equipment as well as a general inspection of the entire roof. The inspector should be looking for membrane damage (cuts and tears), oil or Freon leaks, chemical spills, or water infiltration into the roofing system.” – Carlisle Roofing Systems Care and Maintenance Information

All major manufacturers require…yes require… that some type of roof maintenance program is performed to ensure the quality and integrity of their roof systems in place on your building. Some even extend the warranty at no charge. In fact, some can take the approach that if your roof is not maintained, your warranty can potentially be null and void. Don’t be caught in the middle…let a National Commercial Roofing service professional discuss simple and inexpensive options to maintain your roof system, and its integrity. Not only will it keep the manufacturers happy, but it will help maintain or even extend the life of your roof system, and possibly head off major catastrophic problems.

Call National Commercial Roofing’s Service Department today at (800) 208-6308. We will be happy to schedule an appointment to discuss options with you.

Existing Service

Whether patching a leaky roof or repairing a flashing that has come loose, National Commercial Roofing’s dedicated Service Department works to keep you and your building dry, rain or shine, any day, anytime, 24/7/365!

This group of service driven men and women are busy servicing every customer all year.

Here is a listing of some of the work they perform:

  • Emergency leak or roof repairs
  • Non-emergency leak repair/Warranty repairs
  • Maintenance of existing systems to extend the life of the roof
  • Recommended repairs to head off future problems
  • Coating and restoration systems to extend the life of the roof or change the color
  • General maintenance and clean up in the spring and fall as recommended by the manufacturers and the industry
  • Equipment installations with mechanical contractors
  • Facade renovations (coordinated with the General Contractor)
  • Green roof tray installation

Just call the National Commercial Roofing Service Department at (800) 208-6308, and speak to one of our personnel. Whether in administration, expediting, sales or management, the people in the “Service Department” know what it’s all about…SERVICE! Give us a try!